Friday, March 6, 2009

Listening in

I am working on processing pictures at the computer. Molly is napping. Gavin is having some imaginative play time. He has a two dolls and his beloved puppy. Puppy runs away.
Doll A to Doll B: My puppy ran away. I am sooooooo sad.
Doll B to A: I'll help you find it.
Doll A to B: We can't find it anywhere
Doll B: Maybe you can buy a new one.
Doll A: Puppies are very expensive. I will have to save a lot of money.
Doll B: Maybe you can just put it on your birthday list.
Doll A: Then I have to wait a long, long time. We should look some more.
They find puppy.
Doll A: Oh puppy. I love you. Don't ever run away. I don't want to wait a long, long time for another puppy.

Guess he is learning about money, saving, and waiting. All good lessons for a four year old.

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