Friday, January 30, 2009

The star game

If you have spent evenings with Mike and I you know we play a little game "The First Star". We have played it since we first starting dating (that would be 12 years ago). We have had an unexpected new winner in our house the past few weeks. That would be Molly, and occasionally Gavin. It seems without being introduced to the game, they have figured out the rules. Now it is time for mommy and daddy to get the title back!

Camera found

and just in time for Gavin's first school performance! We were so proud of him. He participated with a smile on his face and sang his little heart out . . . the best he could. Of course what performance wouldn't be complete without a little silliness from our boy.

Take a look at the link below. He'll be the one in red and about a half a line behind the rest of singers :)

The quality from uploading didn't turn out that great. Guess I'll have to keep the clips to under 100mb next time.

Gavin's Program

Friday, January 16, 2009

The camera is missing

I take our family snapshots with a point and shoot . . . which is missing :( I usually don't like to post without a picture . . . but it has been too long.

So . . .

Happy New Year.
The kids are back in lessons. Molly has completely taken off. She can push off the wall, unassisted and steamboat to daddy. She is so close to being able to float on her back and well this officially passes her brother in skill level. We have been to "slide" pool a few times this year. Both kids LOVE going down the water slide and floating down the lazy river.

Gavin had a skiing lesson with his cousin Max up at Timberline. I think he had a GREAT time, but didn't learn too much. I think we will give the lesson another go and bump him up a level for a challenge.

Hopefully the camera will turn up . . . TONIGHT. We have Gavin's belated Christmas program at school. How cute!