Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking notice

Gavin is really starting to take in his surroundings. Yesterday we hopped into the car just as the Beavers were finishing up their game. I eagerly tuned in and a few minutes later Gavin says "Mommy, they're talking about the Beavers. I think they are playing a football game." I didn't know he listened to talk radio.

Today driving the car he sees a guy standing on the street corner with a mowhawk. He says to me "Mommy, why does that guy have crazy hair." I replied that it was called a mohawk. He then wanted to know where the hair went. I told him the guy had shaved it off the sides. To this he replies "But mommy, doesn't he know he looks like a dinosaur?" I was laughing so hard I almost had to pull over. He was so serious though!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Fun

I haven't been taking the rain well, and neither have the kids for that matter. It is always quite an adjustment rearranging the activity options when the rain comes. However, the last few days the BEAUTIFUL weather has graced us again! I have been taking full advantage of it heading outside as much as possible. Yesterday the kids had a great day at one of our favorite parks. They ran their little hearts out with their best friends and were so happy the entire time. It was hard to pull them away. Here are a couple of captures from the slide.


I had a training up in Vancouver BC, so we decided to make a QUICK trip of it. We left Sunday mid morning and made it up to Federal Way where we visited with Mike's college roommate and his family. Then we headed up to Birch Bay where we enjoyed staying at the Worldmark resort. My brother joined us up there. The kids loved the hot tub on our deck and their own room. They each had a twin bed. But the most exciting part of their room was the bathroom. They couldn't believe they had their own toilet and shower. Gavin was excited to help daddy fill up the car with gas, since we don't get to do that here in Oregon.

Monday I headed into Canada and Mike and the kids headed back to Seattle with Derek. On the way they met up with my cousin Micheal at McDonald's for lunch. Back in the Seattle area Gavin finally got to enjoy the ferry boat ride he has been looking forward to for many months. Unfortunately I forgot to leave the camera with Mike so there is no documentation of that :(

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We have met the fork in the road. An important fork for those of us that have our children in the forefront of our minds. Watching the coverage of this historical election, one dad summed it up best. Although I can't remember the quote exactly his message was profound. An African-American himself said that he was glad when he told his child that he could grow up to be anything he wanted, even President of the United States, it wouldn't be a lie anymore. For the children of our country, including you Gavin and Molly, I hope this new road proves advantageous, beginning with a new light for education, being more capable to attain your hopes and dreams!

~From a proud mom in America today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Halloween

We had a great time at a kid Halloween party. The first two pictures are of cookie decorating at the party.

The final picture is of Halloween night. We have started a nice tradition of Grammie, Poppie, Nana and Papa joining us Halloween afternoon when we finish carving pumpkins and have dinner together. Then we head out for trick or treating and while some of the guests stay home and answer the door. After the kids have had enough we head home and enjoy warm cider and doughnuts. This year the weather was fantastic! No wind, fairly warm and dry. Are we in Oregon??? Oh yes, the rain has arrived!

And beings that I am a few days late in posting this. Happy Election Day!