Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mommy's morning off

What does a mommy do when her husband has gone fishing and the kids are at the grandparents?

Go to the coffee shop and read of course. And maybe a little shopping.

Saturday morning I had the luxury of waking up on my own time. I headed to downtown Portland to check out the changed (and not for the better) Sip & Kranz. The coffee is still delicious, the decor and atmosphere is lacking. I ordered my favorite coconut soy latte and a scone, and read, and read, and read . . . for almost three hours. It was great. I got well into the book, which I had been meaning to pick up for at least three weeks. My book club gals will be happy I can participate in the discussion. After my reading time I hit a few stores that I prefer to visit without the kids. It was a great day.

Good thing because since then I have been dealing with vomit, diarrhea, coughing, fever, and headache, from three out of four family members . . . poor Mike.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Molly knows how to navigate the computer. I knew this to a certain extent. She has been watching home movies on the computer. I get them set up for her and she can push stop and play on them as she wishes. She plays on Starfall.com and pbskids.com all the time. Today she asked for help getting to her games. We have an account for the kids so they don't bother the desktop files and settings on the laptop. I told her it would be a minute until I was done folding laundry. I walked over to her. Don't worry. She had logged out of my account and logged into the kid account and started playing Roller Monkey (A Curious George game). Wow. 2 years 7 months. What is next? I'm not sure I want to know!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Listening in

I am working on processing pictures at the computer. Molly is napping. Gavin is having some imaginative play time. He has a two dolls and his beloved puppy. Puppy runs away.
Doll A to Doll B: My puppy ran away. I am sooooooo sad.
Doll B to A: I'll help you find it.
Doll A to B: We can't find it anywhere
Doll B: Maybe you can buy a new one.
Doll A: Puppies are very expensive. I will have to save a lot of money.
Doll B: Maybe you can just put it on your birthday list.
Doll A: Then I have to wait a long, long time. We should look some more.
They find puppy.
Doll A: Oh puppy. I love you. Don't ever run away. I don't want to wait a long, long time for another puppy.

Guess he is learning about money, saving, and waiting. All good lessons for a four year old.