Friday, April 3, 2009

New Stage of Parenting

I have again entered a new stage of parenting. I am now a "Soccer Mom". So far I am okay with the title. We'll see what it develops into :)

Gavin has joined Eastside United Soccer League. He is on a 5&Under team. Gavin had his first practice last night. We were so proud of him. He love trying to make a goal and get the ball from the other kids. We are hoping the weather gets a little warmer soon. The kids were so cold out there last night. It was quite cute trying to get the little ones to understand about not touching the ball with their hands. His games will start in a few weeks so we have a little time to work on that.

Molly was wishing she was on the team, but did a good job of being a little cheerleader from the sidelines.

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Tiffany said...

So cute. I can't believe he is playing soccer. Wow